::No matter what happen::

on Thursday, August 18, 2005
Little ant read an article in a newspaper about a faithful friendship, this is how the story begin:

Long long time ago, there are 2 little girl name A and B.Who are best friend since childhood. They eat together, play together, study togather.... After finished secondary school, both are geting into University.They didn't met each others cause they are tooo busy while in campus. Finally the mid-term break is comming soon. So, A call B to meet at her house. B had promise to come no matter what happen...When reach home, A are so excited cleanning her room while waiting B to come by noon. She waited for the hold day, but still no sign of B. Then, a pick up the phone and call B. She was so angry and talk about the promise B had made!So then B promise to came in 1/2 hour.1/2 hours later, the door bell ring.. They talk and laugh so happyly as they didn't meet for so long. B ask A went up stair to her room so that they can talk privately. They had talk and laugh excitedly untill forget the time. Suddenly the phone at down Stair ring... A want to go down stair to answer the phone but B stoped her and ask her to stay for abit longer.. A promise to B that she will be back as soon as posible, no matter who is on the line..So A ran quickly to the phone.. it was B's Mom on the line... she is cry while try to talk to A. Later, A say told that their family had crash by another car, other people just had minor injury but her friend, the very best friend had die in a car accident during on to her house...
If you are in A situation what will you do?
will you still keep you promise to your friend??

No matter what happen… Run [ant] run...


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