KFC+Soccer+ Swimming = sore throat

on Thursday, August 16, 2007
After cheer for Arsenal Vs Ajax Soccer match with KFC on the others hand... i get 1 bonus sore throat FRee.. who ever want this free give during this moment har!! suck.. but that is not bad enough... after going for 1 hour swim.. they came with another bonus "runny nose" oh ya just great!!! Wh@t the H3ll is that!! so i took a day off from Mr.Koay My boss... have a nice sleep a home now feel a lot better..
What is the treatment for this Sickness??
read this :
1. no no, cold /ice drink
2. no more Fried things
3. drink more water during day but not night
4. take the pill and the syrup
5. this the most important... get enough Zzz..


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