"Life Goes On"

on Thursday, September 27, 2007
Life is a strange thing... you have to follow the flow of it or else you will get Lost.
Life is like taking a bus trip. You cannot make it move when it's time to stay,
and you can't make it stay when it's on the move.

Some people say we should not look back when it is pass;for me that not true.
We just should not stay back when it's time to move on.
In the proses of moving on, sometime we should look back for awhile;
Look back see what we have done in the past but not turn back to fix it;
But we should move on and make the road in front smoother.

I been back to UUM for afew time to meet lecture for the report correction.
I come back to the old college to say Hi to my friend (which i quite miss them for quite sometime).
Everytime i come back, things changed; the place become more aliened everytime i walk back. But still i keep walking back to look for thing that i might miss out or lost while i was here for the past 3 years. Guest what! No, i can't find anything that similiar to my old live; i couldn't find anything at the same spot that i staying for 3 years. 4 months, just in that short period a place that i use to have party is still having party like old time but this time - without me. I stil can feel the heat of the beat, the heat of party; Yet there no place for me to fit in.

From this great moment i felt; the bus driver say:" everything is fine here. Let hoop in , it's a long journey ahead untill we reach the next stop. Are coming or you will be late!!" at this moment, i had my pack bag on my back and get in to the bus and waiting for another great happening at the next stop.
"Life Go On"


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