Lost IN Port Dickson

on Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Last Sunday 16/12/2007,
I had a confusing trip to Port Dickson Seremban. I reach to my cousin house the night before that with the last late KTM Train from KL central to Serdang station. The Journey actually start at 8am, after the confusing road from Sri Kembangan to Seremban finally i get to see the shore(in a the hot hot sun!!!) you know something... in that hot hot sun, there a group of 5 are in the water playing water polo(i dunno what happen to them after that day) . How ever, the soccer fan(include me) have an unfinished half time match (the hot shinning sun is back in action).

After lunch, we went in to the border of (Negeri Sembilan - Melaka) state. the mission is to concur the light house. There is huge hill there along ways to go Up and to the other side there is another long ways down. But the view is great on the other side. The great sandy beach, the crystal clear water and nature green hill(the great shade for us).


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