Food Offering at BKMC

on Tuesday, September 22, 2009

19 Sept 2009 - Pasir Senor, Kelantan. Today is the second day from my holiday. We (Uncle Cheng and my family) going to this little rural holistic, spiritual, meditation center. This center was build on a piece of land donated by May Chee It. That place is Bukit Kecil Meditation Center, Rev.Javana Panno Thera is the Abbot of the center.



This Place are a nature/jungle surrounding. It will be a most suitable place for Meditation Practitioners. And also with a great Buddhism Teacher – Rev. Javana.

Rev.Javana Panno Thera


That day is the Hungry Ghost Festival for Thai (it called “Song Prait” in thai). We usually go there for Food Offering to the Monks and devotees and not really for the festival. How ever it is still a nice festival where many people and kids is also there.

DSCI0149 DSCI0151 DSCI0125  DSCI0148




After the festival, everyone headed home (and totally forget about the help ask by the Abbot). Actually, Venerable ask for some help to move the construction equipments(which are quite heavy and heavy duty task as not much peoples).  OK, after feeding the duck,it time to collect the eggs..haha that is some ‘proverb’ quote from Venerable.


First lesson…

DSCI0198 DSCI0198B

Before Rotated                                      After Rotated

心空是善 - Clear Heart = Kind       心乱是恶 – Hatred Heart = Evil

Second lesson…


Third Lesson..

3rd lesson was actually the 3 hours night Dharma class. This lesson is too long to type(actually i am too lazy). However, EHIPASIKO which mean “come and see” in pali word. Everyone who are interested in learning and practise meditation and would like to know more about Buddha's teaching are most welcome. sadhu! sadhu! sadhu!


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