Langkawi Trip 2009

on Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Actual date was 22.08.2009 (if not mistaken)

Langkawi_09'010 picaso012

It was raining season, i reach there earlier as the others coming by plane. There are 5 of us, all are couple except me…


this is the place we stay, it is stay-able if you just looking to rest your butt and have a nice shower. AMZAR motel.


As usually i am so lazy to write about this.. so enjoy the photo, here goes some view of Pantai Cenang

Langkawi_09'004 Langkawi_09'006 picaso009 picaso015 Langkawi_09'001 Langkawi_09'002

Mangroves Tour is My second day activity.

Langkawi_09'046 Langkawi_09'024 Langkawi_09'025 Langkawi_09'027 Langkawi_09'032

This is Gua Buaya

Langkawi_09'034 Langkawi_09'041

Dunno whose yatch

Gua Kelawar

Langkawi_09'044 Langkawi_09'045


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