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on Friday, March 19, 2010
Yesterday I had received a forward message from a friend wish me "eastern Friendship Day ". That is a nice message that should be share, that came across my mind. I had received something familiar in a forward Email before...
It actually a chinese message, i try to translated it in to English
(the translation might be a little weird) it go like this:

One day,a little boy pray to Buddha and said,

"I wish all my friends are healthy and happy always."

佛说:“ 只能四天!”
Buddha say:"Only 4 days..."

Little boy reply:"OK, Spring , Summer, Autumn, Winter!"

佛说:“ 三天!”
Buddha say: "3 days..."

Little boy reply :"OK, yesterday, today and tomorrow..."

佛说:“ 不行,两天。”
Buddha say:"can not, 2 days.."

Little boy reply:"OK, day and Night.."

佛说:“ 不行,就一天。”
Buddha say: "can not, only one day"

Little boy reply: "OK"

佛说:“ 哪一天?”
Buddha say: " which day?"

Little boy reply: "every Single day of my every friends living day!"

佛笑了... 说:“ 以后你所有朋友将天天健康快乐!”
Buddha laugh and say: " Good, Your friends will live healthy and happy everyday. "

"Wishing Happy Friendship Day to all my friends, everyday!"


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