Proper Dinner - Kg. Siam Jitra

on Thursday, October 07, 2010
After feel out of choices for food in Bukit Kachi, i suddenly get an invitation for dinner from my fellow Kelantan junior. junior: “Halo a ko (mean brother in Hokkien), long time no see. you free tonight? Let go for dinner at Jitra.” Me: “ Why so suddenly invite me for dinner nih?” since my birthday is coming soon (hope fully this not another surprise birthday party *sigh*). Junior: “ no lar. Just long time didn’t eat outside already mah! OK ar! we rent a car”. ME: “Ok lar.” since i also crave for pork. haha…

Set sail for Jitra at 7.30pm. This time the target  is a Siamese Sea food restaurant at Jitra. This another popular place (beside Restaurant 5 Utara) for Chinese UUM students to have their dinner when came to Jitra. After had the seat, the waiter came forward (lucky not so many people that night) and ask for order. ME: “ got pork ar?” Waiter: “sorry, our shop is halal. no pork!” ME: “aiyo… then give me Tomyam and … …” There are 5 of us, 3 girls 2 guys. and we ordered this:
Mix Tom Yam
Lemon Chicken

this lemon chicken is one of my favorite. you know why? it almost as good as the KFC chicken. nice tender meat inside, crunchy skin out side.

And i just a bit disappointed NO Pork…^^
How ever, it fulfill the my desire of Complete Dinner. Tom yam, Chicken, Mix Kerabu, Vegetable + a jug of drink, sum up RM69.


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