Hapy New Year 2011

on Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Happy 2011 to all. However, it has been the fourth day of 2011. I make this for the blog.
Lately, I have been  busy charging the turbo to reboot my research work. It  has been rusty after leave for few days (doing nothing just get myself rotten during New Year Eve). I did not do the update  as not much falling leaves happening here. However, got to catch up with the New Year. So, I would like to list up something new happens around me in this Year 2011.

1. I meet - Backpackies. -
Also visit them at : http://backpackies.wordpress.com/

2. - Aunty Racheel - Start blogging again!
Let Check out her life here : http://rachelych.blogspot.com/

3. My [current] Roomate- the SharkOX -
keep following Malaysia soccer's news and his Chelote here : http://thesharkox.blogspot.com/

4. The MOST exciting news of all,
my X-roomate - Jee Foo, Tan -
is getting married.

Congratulation to Both of them Tan and JeeFoo (opss.. sorry) Jee Foo & Janet


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