Kelantan from the Train window

on Thursday, February 02, 2012

It had been awhile i'm off this blog. In this entry i would like to share the photos of the My Journey to Tumpat (to my girl friend's house) by train... I believe not every one have the experiences to travel by train even in short journey. So, let me share you some nice view along the journey...
fuh.. it is also a danger action taking photo on a moving train.. ^^

Wat Mai Suwankiri, Kelantan

I took the train on Sg.Nal mini station, at 11.00am (FYI, again the train got delayed until 11.30am) and i reached Tumpat at 1.10pm. Yes, it quite a long journey.. huhu.. 

The next station after Sg.Nal is Temangan station

a Chinese temple in Temangan

Kelantan river

Tanah Merah Railway Station

Bukit Panau Mini Station

To' Uban Mini Station

Chica Tinggi Mini Station

Pasir Mas Railway Station

Kg.Machang Mini Station

Bunut Susu Mini Station

Wakaf Bharu Railway Station

Kok Pasir mini Station

Tumpat Railway Station
Tumpat Station is also the last station in Kelantan.


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