on Saturday, April 28, 2012
I just watch a Taiwan movie directed by Doze, Niu Chen-Zer (鈕承澤) talking about LOVE (or metta i could say) the movie show the loving kindness of a families, friendship and couples...
and i was Touch and Love it so much...

Staring : Zhao Wei, Shu Qi. Co-star, Ethan Ruan, Zhao Ting, Eddie, Ivy Chen, Amber Kuo,Niu Cheng Ze

LOVE is Not limited to couples relationship, it scoped from loves, Friendship to the family. In《LOVE愛》 we can see the emotions of the facing love, through the eight roles, four relations, a story,which choose to believe that they can control often out of control feelings.

as if everyone understands it, but it would seem that everyone didn't understand it ...
Love, is the most simple yet the most difficult thing on the world.

The development of civilization is to the extreme, and we live over the lack of material of life, we should be very happy,  it should satisfied.  But why in everyone's heart, it is like abroken big hole which is never saturated? Everyone is lonely, and everyone had gone through a gloomy and helpless the life.

is there nothing in this world, that can fill it or cured these loneliness? is Love the answer?
If yes, what is it? Where is it in?

(the closest translation i can do to article posted at http://tw.movie.yahoo.com/movieinfo_main.html/id=4115)


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