on Monday, July 31, 2006
Why jealous? Compare to others there is no different at all. Our relationship not even deeper than friend.. but how can i have such strong jealousy?? this is not the first time actually... that is the reason why i had my friend as my fairy god Sister... i know that the god sister relation couldn't be true.. so i turn into virtual relation... But in this relationship i realy don want in to be a virtual again...enough with friend or coursemate... but i will cover her back like i do during the trip... my hearth was crack to see she was pulled in to water by force... i know she don wan to get wet bcos she was in white shirt... but, what can i do??? we are there for having fun and i don't have the right to protect her...

every day in class i only seat behind her back so that i can watch over her back..
i preffer to seat back watch if the situation getting worse or if she realy need help..
i can't do a thing; is was only a practical joke among friend!!

i have headache after that... i feeling is no in peace.. i felt sick..
is this the confussion of illusion?? it is like a dream!! wake up my friend, wake up!!
Life on the leaf isn't peace if the storm is coming


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