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on Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sat,27 June 2009. Lubuk Ago, Tanah Merah - Kelantan, Malaysia.

Image037It is just another ordinary day during a few day off from UUM, i follow my parent to the Sala at Tanah Merah that been marvelously constructed by Achan Lee. The location is actually at out skirt but not very very far from Tanah Merah town. This place is suitable from practicing meditation.
- Nature, Peace and Quite -



The Relic of 3 Great persons in Buddha hood.
The Buddha, Ven. Monggalana & Ven. Sariputta


The Relic of The BUDDHA.

Relic of Master of magic powers
Ven. Monggallana

Relic of Ven. Sariputta
For your further reading

Ok, let’s go visit the place. It is just a small village in Tanah Merah. but i enjoyed the surrounding.. and had i told you actually that place is grave yard? haha.. no kidding. There are few tomb in the compound. But i didn’t take the photo of it.(Just not to disturb them)

The entry to the heavenly place in the middle on no where.Image022 

The compound from the entrance.Image020

The View a round the compound and little garden.Image011  Image015


One of the hut for meditation use.Image024 Image031

Garden around the main hall.Image033 Image014


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