BUKIT WANG – Reserved Jungle

on Sunday, July 19, 2009

18 July 2009, joining the research member to Dusun trip some where around Kg.Asun – Kg.Binjal. Actually we just go and sapu all the rambutan and manggis..

Then, after the sweaty job. We head to our next destination – Bukit Wang. I am not sure if the hill have a lot of moneys… 


This is what you found at the entry..
and all the way we go..



it is a nice picnic place for family.. i still remember when i was a bit more little my family go to some place like this near our area..
it was fun!

Image056 Image057

Picnic spot.. this is our neighbour that day. They came to let their two lovely children to have fun during weekend.

Image051 Image052

and.. here is our spot.. just next to them and a pool on our right.
shady and lovely spot.


Image002 Image050

After back home.. damn tired.. sleep until 7.30pm (Wake up for dinner)


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