End of the World – UUM version -

on Friday, July 31, 2009

This happen not too long ago (last week actually..dated 26 July 2009)

[Sadly, i have to “loan” (aka stole) a picture from someone –> Geli Tifa (hope she approve it..Thanks anyway) because i didn’t stop to take any photo.]

It is like the whole school of students of UUM is running to somewhere or they are running away from something BIG, i mean BIG as gozilla, alien, ammargaddon… (._. “)

Caused by wrong information or rumour, these student thought the main entry gate of UUM will be lock or close as the university’s management announced the university will closed for one week to prevent the disease of H1N1 from wildly spread.

(Update 3.8.2009)
What actually happen was, UUM is closed for any student activity and they are given "holiday". BUT, they thought UUM will be quarantin, and students can't get out from UUM.( that was the misundertsanding ). Now, all student (i hope there are no infected among them) coming back to UUM, and activity running as normal + extra precaution! (i think we all should be provide mask too, as MoE did to school. hehe) Peace


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