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picaso000 First time ever PIKOM PC Fair held in public university
(i think so), fortunately that is our lovely University Utara Malaysia (UUM). Today actually is the second day, i actually did not realized this event is going back ON, since it was cancel due to “H1N1 Holiday” last week.



This event is collaboration between UUM and PIKOM. Eventually, the project is under the organization of Student Resident Hall Yayasan Al-Bukahry aka DPP YAB (if not mistaken…). It should be a grand event, but it doesn’t happening as i expect… May be this caused by 3 reasons:

  1. H1N1
    As UUM is just reopen back for student after one week holiday. Student might not so ‘willingly’ gathering for such events. Yet, during my visit to Dewan Mu'adzam Shah (where PC Fair took place) quite many students at there as today is SDG (no class).
  2. Bad Economy
    Since these year economy not very good. not much booth and company dare to try their fate in such rural place as ulu Sintok. Other hand, student also would think twice to spend their money.
  3. Not the First
    Unfortunately, this PC Fair is not so “fresh”. Last month, there was another ICT fair held at the compound of Varsity Mall organized by CeDI UUM (Institut Pembangunan Keusahawanan dan Koperasi). Since that was the First PC fair in UUM, new student would be happy and anxiously spending money on the gadget like : laptop, cooler pad, mouse, digital camera, even mobile phone…

    (update 9:02PM)
  4. Another competitor on the other side…
    (click to read more)

    these might be a little bit of distraction!!

    “Belilah Barangan Buatan Malaysia…” XD

Don’t judge the event just based on my story … Here go the images helping you for a better view of what happen in the Great Hall Of UUM
- Mu'adzam Shah Hall -

UUM PIKOM PC FAIR Day 2, 4/8/2009 12:00 NOON





(Sorry for this blur image) Actually this a booth where student can buy their items with PTPTN. Stated there “ANSURAN UNTUK PELAJAR – POTONGAN MELALUI PTPTN”. They are SIGMA PELANGI SYSTEMS SDN BHD selling laptop, desktop and mobiles.


This is when night…

not much different from this afternoon.. that’s good news i think!! Beside that, there is also some stalls outside of the Hall.. What? these…

picaso026 picaso025

food stalls like Pizza huts and a lot more stuff..


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