Pursuit Belle’s Food Quest in Penang

on Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another tale of Beauty and the Beast. belle and gustoAs usually in fairy tales end up the prince and the princess live happily ever after, in “Beauty and the Beast” Belle married to the Prince which had been curst into a beast.  ‘Belle’ that i know end up live happily too but not with the beast but to the rude, vain, sexist and arrogant huntsman,Gaston - a character in the story. Forget about “Beauty and the beast”, the main point here is the Exploration of ‘Belle’ and ‘Gaston’ to Penang for Food Quest! and This ‘Gaston’ is Sexist but not rude, vain nor arrogant one.

Belle had done her study and come out with a long list of stall name and foods she want to enjoyed while she is in Penang. Haha.. My mom use to said, “You really have good luck with food, every time you come back then come the foods..hahahaa” This time i consider myself is lucky enough to be “hoop-in” to this quest. i will list some of the interesting choice from Belle’s list.A Pong Guan

First one is Guan a Pong. A stall at the road side, located in front of Union Institution at Burma Road. What so special with this a pong? Beside the funny talkative uncle; the a Pam is a soft fluffy pancake with banana and sweet corn inside it.

A Pong Guan     A Pong Guan

Famous Teow Chew CendolFollowed by Penang Famous Cendol, even PCK admit it is “the best in Penang,JB and also in Singapore!” Even my aunty form Labis admited the greatness of the Cendol. Green soft cendol is buried under the great soft chilled blended ice frost.  black marmaladed Melaka sugar and the great fresh white Santan
(aka coconut milk) is poured into the bowl and melt down the mountain of ice. Bla.. bla.. bla.. just dig the spoon and eat it before all the ice is melted else it would not so be ‘CEndol iCe’ anymore!

After spining around at Gurney Walk, we went back to the Burma road for Hockien mee or sometime people call Har mee aka Prawn noodle. Gaston also ordered Loh mee. Both are in great condition. the taste is so kicking ass. After fill in so much food every one is walking with stomach head forward first.. haha perut boroi. It is almost time to head home to rest and ready for the next day.

Second day quest for food begin with the most important meal Theeeeeeeee Breakfast… Yet Belle was disappointed by the keeper. the uncle came out from his coffee shop and say “Sorry  pretty one i can’t fulfill your wish today because we are close two days to paint the shop, come again next time ya.. oh ya and next week  we also close ya.. Sorry.” there goes the beautiful Roti Bakar (Toasted bread) and great morning coffee. Mrs.Pot bring us to had our breakfast at another coffee shop. She recommended a koay teaw soup. Belle try to motivated her self with a famous 12' inch you char koay (another great snack for breakfast) but we will had it at noon because the shop only open at noon.

Kek Lok Si Temple Guan Yin

So, to kill the time we headed to one of the famous tourism spot in Penang, the Kek Lok Si Temple. With a giant new Kuan Yin (God of Mercy) Statute at the top, it is a great attraction to all kind of  people: Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese and some other non-muslim people.

Kek Lok Si Temple  Kek Lok Si Temple  

After came down from the temple we stop for the Penang Asam Laksa, the famous one in Air Itam and everyone know that. But for me Penang Asam Laksa most important ingredience is the He Kor Source.


The following destination is Tropical Spice Garden. That is did give you the feeling as you read it name. It is a Jungle full with tropical plants and spices. It is also one of the chosen spot for wedding photography.

Beside nice flora, fauna and trail there is a nice cafe located in the Jungle.. haha i mean the garden Called Monkey Tree Restaurant. I found something interesting to drink as a refreshment after a quite tiring walking and  hiking. I found this – water chestnut coconut milk ice. or  what ever the name that i forget.

water chestnut, Monkey Tree

Head back to Georgetown again. Looking for a coffee shop call Kek Seng. If you found this coffee shop, it is a must to try the home made Durian ice cream. You can tell how good that thing is as i forget to take photo; because it is really DELICIOUS. It feel like you are eating seedless chill durian. it had to find a photo of it.

[ below photo is belonging of vkeong.com posted with permission]home made durian ice cream

Let go for next dinner. Dinner at Macalister road it is like in heaven for me, it is like the best meal ever had… haha… OK that is a bit exaggerated. But, the Mix Koay Teaw Soup and Mix Porridge. Again i am in heaven and missed the photo of the delicious food. OK, when is say MIXED mean inside part like stomach,Tongue, brain, intestines and…. others on request and not everyone like and have gut to eat all those parts.

[Below photos is belonging of www.what2seeonline.com posted with permission]


Credit to some other important peoples:
Food list : Ms.Kua SL
Transportation: Ms. Quick MY
Photos: Mr. Tenh HW,http://www.what2seeonline.com,http://www.vkeong.com/


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