1 Day trip ~ Langkawi

on Sunday, August 29, 2010
The trip had been planed two week before the actual day. In the first plan, the trip was actually planed to go on 31 August 2010 (the Independent [Merdeka] Day).Due to some activities by PCPK Kelantanese, we make it happen earlier, The day is 27.August.2010.
The journey started before the sun light hit the dark.Some just waking up, some are awaiting and three of them are already at the ca.The Perodua Kancil we rent for 15 hours is started at 6.15am. Okey, the math start here. We rent a car from a UUM staff  as the taxi fare will cost us more. car rental is only RM 70 for the day, yet taxi will cost RM 50 per trips. By the ways, there six of us, we will have to travel with 2 taxi then this will cost us RM 200 at the end of the day. So, that is the car.

After almost on hours journey from UUM to Kuala Perlis (that is the nearest jetty to Langkawi). We all are warm up in that Kancil while driving in the morning chill weather. The earliest ferry is ready to depart when reach the jetty. In the rush, i park the car, settle the car rental for Langkawi and pay for the ferry ticket and...
There Go the ferry! (BTW, that not the ferry we took but it is the similar one)

Here is the MPV! thanks to this mighty car 6 of us able to travel together in one vehicle. Its a Nissan Serena. It is in good shape, engine sound good, comfort seating, just cost a bit gas well that not big deal since this big car carry BIG load too... and this car can fit in around 6-8 persons but 7 is the max legal number. but no worry, Langkawi is cool yet don't break the rule. After having the heavy breakfast (since there is someone didn't take their light breakfast) we are ready for the first destination ~   Seven Wells Waterfall

a nice view but tiring journey destination. Wan to know why? to went up to the waterfall, there is a long ways UP. Here is the half way journey to the top, you do the math. It is a long tire step for a big fat ass like me. fuh... cut the crap... Roll the photo:
and i will not show my "happy" barney face here.

The Second destination is ~  

The Oriental Village.
(aka Langkawi cable car ) There is alot of shop lots and restaurant around and Hotel too. On the left is a our geng posing in front of the great Gunung Mat Cincang and you can also see the cable car posts if you zoom up in the photo.
One Last stop before lunch is a historical place (square). 
Burnt Rice (Beras Terbakar) it is a location where the paddy field is burn due to avoid paying taxes to Siamese during that time. My uncle told me once there is alot of burned paddy scattered around the group in that area. but this is what i get!

After lunch, our next destination is Under Water World.

Fare for Malaysian is RM 28 a person. i am not sure that is good for bad as i been there for quite alot of time... man when i mean A LOTS it really mean it. for the duration of taking degree in UUM i report there at least one a year. Pay that much for ticket, there is quite something for a person first time there. That place is call under water world,yet it is not just under water creatures listed from marine life, under water creatures, birds, reptiles, and other...

It is a BIG waste if you go to Langkawi but you didn't go to Beach. The hot spot in Langkawi is Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) and Tanjung Rhu. So, we did spend some time talking and walking at Pantai Cenang.

There are quite many other activities you can do there such as: Jet ski, Banana Boat, Parachute and
of course swimming lar...

After sun bathing activities, it is time for shopping. believe it.. you can actually spend RM100 only for chocolate. We make our way back to Langkawi jetty at 6pm, boarding 640. Reaching Kuala Perlis 7.45pm.
Fuh... it really is a rush journey. And as a closure this is our Dinner.

P/S: on the right is the guy we sacrifice from cramping the little Kancil.

Basic expenses of the day (shopping not included)
Main Land per person (round up)
Car rental + Gas + parking RM85 / 5 17
Ferry 2 ways ticket 36
Car rental + Gas RM130 / 6 22
Breakfast 5.50
Lunch RM 98.50/6 16
Dinner 9.70
Under water world ticket 28
Total 134.2

here is the TOTAL at least we lose on that day: RM134.20 
So... do you thing the trip worth it? try that with your gangs. huhuhuhu


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