I [LIKED] Zang Toi …

on Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Why i am so excited About this guy Zang Toi? Why not since he is a world famous fashion designer; most important is he is from Kuala Krai too. He is a proud of Krai. I don’t know how others feel but i am thrill!
First time know about this famous guy is when i went to our district museum. There is a photo and short article about him.. may be that is after he receive the “MOUTON-CADET YOUNG DESIGNER AWARD ”, 1990. How do i know what was that that time, i were only 12 and not a little bits of Fashion thing in me. After google for "zang toi" then i realise he is so great and done quite a 'damage' in New York.
Luckily, i add a former primary school teacher of mine, Mr.Weng in FB today. He is one of the great teacher i admired while in primary school,it because of his fluent and excellent English.That time for me it is “WOW he talk in English ler…” Back to His FB profile, i realized that he added Zang Toi (is in his friend list). I would like to do that too; but the question came to my head “he is Zang Toi ler, will he add me ?” then i found this Zang Toi Fan Page (i think this is the fan page since there is another official one).

Recently he get another award –“Vision and Reality Award of Excellence in Fashion” Read More here: http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/THEMERDEKAAWARD__br_Acountrywheredreamscometrue/Article/
Bravo zang toi.. and congratulation.

and yes... the chubby girl in the friend list is one of Krai people and she also is my primary school mate..huhu.


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