The Re(dis)covery

on Saturday, August 14, 2010
Elephants From Thailand

It has been quite some time i did post anything on this blog (when was the last time i came here; or even looking at the pages. i also forget already later i will check the date.) eventually i had been lost for quite sometime. Last month, i was suck and trap in the black hole of my own. [i actually  created it with some "laziness"+"playfulness" if you might want to try someday MyAdvise: TRY AT YOU OWN RISK ]
Paper Crane from the Kids

Back to present... my leg is still in the sunken sand pod. i just finish few cute movie shared by roommate ~ hindustan actually a new movie by Sharul Khan and <3 Idiots>. as usually it is dramatic and emotional + some elements of philosophy of life. Try to watch that kind of movie sometime instead of love and romance.. love you!


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