Dinner In Jitra, Restaurant 5 Utara.

on Thursday, August 05, 2010
Looking some place to eat while you up north? this is one place you may want to stop by to have a great Thai dinner while you are loafing around UUM. (erm… on the other hand i mean.. here is a place for UUM students to have their dinner after came out for Jitra Mall or cinema when they are BORED by the UUM food.) The place i am talking about is this restaurant – “Restaurant 5 Utara”. The location is easy to find when you are in Jitra, it is just in front of Jitra Maybank. I bring UUM kelate Junior for dinner not long ago. Enough with the talking, we are there for SIX person. These is what we had that day.
Lemon Chicken
Salted Fish Kailan
Salad Prawn
and i miss out a photo of a great dish for the night Steamed Fish.  yummie… yummie… i were too busy filling my stomach to took photo that night. And lastly did i mentioned we paid only RM100 for the dishes for 6 persons.


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