Messengers Of Dharma - M.O.D

on Wednesday, April 04, 2012
Have you listen to Buddhist Song before? Ever Heard of M.O.D?
it is the short form for Messengers Of Dharma. Who are them? They are a group of youth in Subang Jaya Buddhist Association who love music come together to create dharma song.
 One of my Favorite is : Story of Dona feat Late. K.Sri.Dhammananda (Song Lyrics)
The latest sing-along album i.e.Sing-along with MOD #4: INSPIRATION is now available for download from the following website Look out for our revised VESAK album and an additional Wesak song soon.

If you are interested to donate towards the production of coming albums and also the on-coming compilation of revised VESAK + PRAISE album, please contact them at Thank you.


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